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Aldarion Unlimited

Adventuring company founded by Dauriel Aldarion.

Excerpted from a speech given by Fergand Tos, mayor of Donitar, while handing the keys to the city to Kvint Bernon, president of Aldarion Unlimited on Nerrulox 14, 3076.

When we think of the term progress, we often contribute it to social pressures or influential figures. And this is true in many cases. But, how often can we say this for a company? How often does a company bring actual goodness into the world? We hear about the exploitation of natural resources, the mistreatment of animals, immoral use of magic, etcetera, etcetera. And all, for the most part, by companies trying to squeeze the last bit of value from wherever they can. Why then, if companies are such a blight to the world are we here today handing over the keys to the city to this man?

(Mr. mayor points at Mr. Bernon)

Why indeed? Well, the company run by this man is Aldarion Unlimited, who I'm sure--

(The crowd applauds)

--who I'm sure you all have heard of. This man here, Kvint Bernon, took over the reigns from Dauriel Aldarion and has transformed not only his company, but our beautiful capital city in the process. Never before have we seen an economy so strong, never before so many employment opportunities, and not to mention an explosion in trade goods.

(The crowd applauds again, louder)

I mean, who here doesn't enjoy a nice bottle of Rivoni Spring water? Or a nice bottle of Basha Fire Rum for that matter?

(Some tepid laughter from the crowd)

Well, we can thank Kvint Bernon and Aldarion Unlimited for these advances. For this one occasion we can directly link our progress to the influence of a company. Not social pressure or revolution, but simple economics. How does he do it? I don't know and I trust the details to the professionals. I present to you, Kvint Bernon, recipient of the keys to our city of Donitar.


Aldarion Unlimited is a multinational adventuring company headquartered in Donitar, the capital of Korbantir. Founded and run by Dauriel Aldarion, the company began as a group of local Korbantirian adventurers for hire in the regions surrounding Donitar. As demand for its services grew, so did its employ, growing to a few hundred employees under Dauriel Aldarion's lead.

After Dauriel Aldarion's retirement, the day to day leadership was passed on to his second in command, Kvint Bernon, who has grown the company significantly. The depth and breadth of services offered under his leadership has caused a massive growth in both profitability as well as locations. There are franchises in most civilized countries and outposts in places as far away as Onoctux.

While the company was founded on the premise of adventure and services for hire, more and more it focuses on resource trading and securing territory. Some have criticized what they see as colonizing tendencies, most notably the widely read "Aldarion Unlimited: Adventurers or Colonizers?" published anonymously by Agadou Press. It mentions specifically the outpost in Marram where Tabaxi are being hunted to extinction by Aldarion Unlimited's hired guns. The company has yet to respond to any allegations of misconduct and continues its operations around the world.

DM: Supplemental Facts
  • Dauriel isn't happy with how Kvint run the company.

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