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🔐 Slay, Inc. Plan: Session 4


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

  • Synopsis: Session 3
  • 🔐 PSA
  • Finish the cave from plan 2
  • Arena and hint of hidden Cult of Primani
  • Back to lockers
  • Yil Romka confrontation in locker room
  • Entering the city of Sarapum
  • Visiting the hidden temple of Primani

The Arena

Once through the dungeon and out of the portal, they exit into the Arena:

Light blinds you and the deafening roar of thousands of cheering voices pierces your ears as you exit the portal. When your eyes adjust to the light, you make out the massive crowd that has gathered in what seems to be an enormous arena. Tens of thousands. They are watching you, cheering for you.

Ahead, on a podium, you see the king and his two wives, applauding and cheering as you exit the portal. On your left, you see five groups of wounded warriors, applauding. When you look behind you, you see your own image projected in three dimension in mid-air, larger than life. Suddenly, a voice booms out, echoing against the walls of the arena:

"That's Slay, Inc., everybody! Our final group to join the sentinels has made it through the first stage!" The voice comes from the podium. And you see the man you've met before: the wizard Yil Romka. Atop his staff, the eye emits a beam of light, which seems to produce the massive projection behind you. "Let's take one last look at today's sentinels."

The projection changes and shows the groups on the arena floor fighting a variety of creatures, not unlike yourselves. One group on a mountain top, one in a burnt village, one wading through rivers. Wherever they are, it all ends with one group killing the other. Finally, it shows your group going through the darkness, fighting skeletons and the shadow demon. The crowd goes nuts. They love it.

While the projection is displayed, a group of healers approach you and begin bandaging your wounds. One of them, a black-haired female Gnome bandages your wounds [player], and says: "I bet you didn't know about all this, huh?"

Depending on their answer, she will invite them to find her in the hidden temple of Primani hidden underneath a Temple of Urlac in the eastermost outskirts of the city.


She says, "look for a sign of life where all else is dead."

Once the projection completes, they are escorted to their locker rooms.

First brackets

  • Heroes of Daggerdoune vs. The Pain Company: Heroes of Daggerdoune
  • Fist of Redemption vs. Urlac's Chosen: Urlac's Chosen
  • Bloodless Assassins vs. Freemen of Freeport: Freemen of Freeport
  • The Bears of Basha vs. Empire's Exiles: Empire's Exiles
  • The Chosen Company vs. The Curse of Yersh: The Curse of Yersh
  • Slay, Inc. vs Bunch of Goblins: Slay, Inc.


  • Yil Romka visits them in the locker room and will answer questions
  • The lockers are unlocked and they can now visit the city
  • In the hallway, the names of the eliminated teams are removed from the locker doors.

Contract Details

  • In service of the king
  • Defenders of the realm, in the order of the "Sentinels"
  • The definition of the job is flexible, defined by the employer
  • The employer may choose to add or remove employees during the job
  • Continued employment is contingent on finishing the job
  • You may not take bribes to alter the outcome of jobs
  • The snake bangle may not be removed or be tampered with
  • The contract may not be discussed outside of the signing parties
  • Lifelong contract
  • Progress will be monitored remotely
  • Compensation is doubled per job, starting at 250 gold per person
    • E.g.: 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, etc.

The City

When they leave the palace, it's nighttime.

None of them know anything about the city of Sarapum, but they can ask a local for some information.

The Graveyard

The temple of Urlac is locked, dilapidated. An old sign proclaims that it's undergoing renovation, but the sign looks old and weathered. It is surrounded by a vast ruined graveyard. Most tombstones are worn away by the elements, but a few of the larger mausoleums remain standing.

Plaques on the Mausoleums

The names on the mausoleum plaques.

Clue Solution

Look for a sign of life where all else is dead.

There are mausoleums with name plaques:

  • Ronil Vestim
  • Larra Romka
  • Arts, Beaton H.
  • P.M. Tyndo III

"Arts, Beaton H." is the solution: "Beating Hearts"

A well-worn staircase descends into a tunnel, seemingly snaking back towards the old temple of Urlac. Lit torches lead the way to a thick wooden door, braced with iron bars. When knocked upon, a spy hole opens up and someone asks what they're doing here.


"Solve the riddle or get lost."

You only get me once and I'm too easily lost.
I'm often taken for granted, though I can't be replaced.
Some abandon me on purpose, while others want me longer than possible.
What am I?

Answer: Life

The Hidden Temple

The door opens up into the dining room.

People currently here:

  • Gana Ib Lenta
    • Female Gnome, middle aged, around 200 years old
    • Healer, priestess of Primani
    • Been in Silubria for over a hundred years
    • Works in the arena as a healer for the "games"
    • In her off time, she's trying to change the local situation
  • Tomund Gromsson
    • Male Orc, around 30 or so
    • Bouncer, protector
    • Gana's partner

Dining Room

The female gnome is inside, sitting at a large dining table. Her white healer's gown hangs from a protrusion in the wall. The room is decorated in a sparse manner with barely any decorations.


  • A large dining table with 8 chairs
    • The other six are currently working
  • Two closed doorways leading elsewhere
    • Prayer room (seating for 10 max)
    • Storage room and kitchen
  • A bookcase holding journals
    • Gana's records of the last century of games
    • A hidden exit tunnel leading back to the graveyard
  • A small statue on a pedestal
    • A rough-cut carved pregnant woman with large breasts
    • Dark brown polished marble, green flame-like veining
    • DC 15 Religion check reveals that it is Primani

Gana's Quest

Main points:

The games have been going on for at least 800 years, she's been keeping track of them for the last century.

The royal family made a pact with Urlac wherein they would be saved from the wars raging on the continent by holding these sacrificial games.

The Age of War will end if the games are ended. That, or war simply comes to Silubria, but she won't say that right off the bat.

While they might survive or even win the games, they will go back into the games next season. Only one team survived for 4 seasons, the Pale Shadows, a team from 80 years ago.

Her quest: Help her find a way to dismantle the games from the inside and bring an end to the Age of War. Play along, survive, but find a way to bring the whole thing down.