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Pronunciation: uuhr-lahk

Plane of Existence: Bhreia, dwelling in the hearts of creatures.

Domains: War, spirit of combat, murder, bloodlust.

Feared by all for their ability to seemingly infect the mind at random, Urlac is the deity of war, murder, and bloodlust. They were spirited into being by Dhoutr from a piece of his blackened soul in the inner plane of darkness in response by the bloodlust of Bhreia's Peoples during the Third Age. Urlac aids their creator by instilling a desire for murder in the hearts of some of the peoples of Bhreia, ensuring a steady stream of souls for Dhoutr to consume.

While Urlac does not have an organized religion, they are worshipped by warmongers in times of combat. It is generally known that Urlac does not pick sides, but rather ensures death on all sides of a conflict wherever they're involved.

Etymology (Meta)

Old High German urlac, meaning war or destiny.