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Session 2: Found a Tomb

Date: November 8th, 2021 @ 21:00 CT

Audio: MP3


After the storm, Pasha saunters into town and confronts a man who is confronting his daughter about some missing money. Pasha defuses the situation and arrives at Jonah's Denn.

While there, Tiran and Gadot arrive from retrieving their cargo and cart, make Pasha's acquaintance, and introduce him to Sah-Sauj and Wolf in the private room.

After some chit chat, food, and drink, they get the keys to their rooms and head off to bed. However, Sah-Sauj falls asleep in the private room where he is awoken in the middle of the night by the ghostly appearance of a dead girl.

She possesses Sah-Sauj and retracts into his shell as a wispy black creature materializes through the cracks of the door, tracing the girl's path. The creature disappears through the window when it's unable to find her.

Sah-Sauj regains control over his body and confronts the girl about being dead, which she does not appreciate, and high tails it out of the room. Sah-Sauj follows her as she leads him down to the basement, down a hidden tunnel, and into a cave system where he's lead down a door.

The door, while requiring a password, is defeated on the first try and opens up into a tomb. Sensing danger in the room, Sah-Sauj fetches his newfound friends and they investigate the room, which turns out to be the tomb of Cauldin of Leikon, after whom the town was named.

They also find five holes caked with blood, which emit strange squeaking, slurping, squelching sounds, but Tiran decides to lower a light into one of the holes anyway.

It is here that the game ends, right before whatever is licking and lapping the blood in these holes launches up towards them.

DM: Pasha Intro

James joins as Paxalon "Pasha" Yaraxil, Dragonborn Sorcerer

Pasha Intro

Large puddles of rain formed around the raised market square during tonight's storm. But towering over it, the statue of Cauldin stands proud, unaffected by the earlier stormy onslaught.

Soaked, and tired after a long journey west, another traveler steps onto the paved center of Cauldin's Point, avoiding its many puddles.

James, could you describe your character?

Walking through the town center, he notices:

  • A Human man (Garrem), berating his teenaged Half-Elf daughter (Oona)
    • He's drunk, stinks of ale
    • She's afraid
    • He's mad that she doesn't have "all of the coin"
    • She's 5 sp short
    • He's a Grunge dealer, she's his pusher
    • She has given some of the coin to her friends