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🔐 Loh-Gua Island


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

Loh-Gua (meaning sunrise in Yungxi) Island exists in an extradimensional pocket reached by flying a Pelang Box dragonfly for two days in the direction of the sunrise.


After flying for two days, the riders will pierce a dense layer of clouds only to emerge at Loh-Gua Island on the other side. Leaving the island has a similar effect.


The island is tiny and home to a tropical jungle. It is always hot and muggy here, but beautiful nonetheless. A large rocky hill stands on the northern end of the island. At its apex stands a small wooden gazebo in which Fat Bogyo lives.

Fat Bogyo

Fat Bogyo is a monstrously obese Paddaika and sits on his partially collapsed throne on top of the hill. His asexually produced brood serves his every whim, so he doesn't have to move. He prefixes all of his sentences with the words "Fat Bogyo says" and is a grumpy old bastard. His entire demeanor exists to disgust any visitors, which includes farting, burping, and relieving himself in front of his guests.

Fat Bogyo says what do you want?


Fat Bogyo is the protector spirit of the island manifested into a corporeal form. He burdens his visitors with increasingly complex tasks as a way to test his visitors. If he deems them worthy, he has a final task: become his food.

Tasks in order:

  1. Clean the dead fish off the beach and bring them back.
  2. Fetch a dozen fresh coconuts.
  3. Fix Fat Bogyo's throne with him still on it.
  4. Get five of his brood out of a 100 ft. sinkhole.
  5. Find and kill the broodlings that have grown too large.
  6. Take the corpses and skin them.
  7. Be Fat Bogyo's food.

Be His Food

Fat Bogyo says be my food.

If the party accepts becoming Fat Bogyo's food, his broodlings will grab the party, tie them to long branches and place them over a fire. They smear the milk from the coconuts they gathered on them. The dead fish and skinned brood boil in a big cast iron pot.

As the heat increases to intolerable levels, everything begins to fade away until they find themselves lying on the beach where they first started. If they go to the top of the hill, Fat Bogyo is gone. Where his gazebo once stood now stands a statue of a fat-bellied frog covered in moss. Inscribed on its pedestal are three Yungxi words:

  • Sunset - Loh-pah
  • Two - Te
  • Day - Lom

The party's Survival skills permanently increase by two points as a token of Fat Bogyo's friendship.

Reject or Fight

If the party does not accept becoming Fat Bogyo's food or attack him in any way, his broodlings will attack.


It is possible to leave Loh-Gua Island by flying the Pelang Box dragonfly for two days in the direction of the sunset (opposite). Any other direction returns the riders to the island.