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Hanlar Ironstone

Hanlar Ironstone IV (b. 3012, d. 3078, age 66) was the founder and operator of the 🔐 Ironstone Forge, located outside of Cauldin's Point. Through an exclusive contract, the Ironstone Forge was the sole provider of weapons to Aldarion Unlimited.

Early Life

Born into the influential householf of Hanlar Ironstone III and Gerthilda Ironstone (nee Woodman), even from a young age, Hanlar was a cocky one. Knowing that he would inherit the Ironstone Forge merely through the merits of his bloodline, he never paid too much attention in school, focusing instead on watching his father work the forge. Yet, he still succeeded effortlessly in his education to the chagrin of his fellow students. Once his mandatory schooling was completed, Hanlar fully dedicated himself to learning the trade he'd soon have to master completely.

And master it, he did. Surprising even his father, the most accomplished blacksmith in Korbantir, Hanlar bent the forge to his will within months of total dedication. After only a few years and some convincing, Hanlar took over the reigns from his father who saw in him a potential business magnate who could cement their name through the ages.

Expanding the Forge

Business was good for the Ironstone Forge, but Hanlar wanted more than supplying the local militias and guards. After his arranged marriage with Ingrid Alluvium (of Alluvium mining family fame) the new infusion of the girl's dowry supplied him with enough cash to buy the lands surrounding the forge and expand his operation.

The quality of his work became known throughout the country and word of his wares caught the ear of one Dauriel Aldarion, the leader of an upstart adventuring company. Dauriel visited the forge and after seeing the advantage of using superior Ironstone weapons, signed a contract with the Ironstone Forge, making it the sole supplier of weapons for Aldarion Unlimited.

While this was happening, Ingrid gave birth to a baby girl named 🔐 Sophia. Knowing that his name would not be carried on by a female heir, the couple kept trying for a male heir, but did not succeeded. Ingrid, exhausted from prematurely aborted pregnancies and tired of Hanlar's insistance on a male heir, drowned herself in the river The Wrinkle, behind the forge. Sophia was 12 years old, sole heir and now suddenly housemaker to Hanlar, who grew in desperation and fell into a depression from which he would never fully emerge.

As Aldarion Unlimited grew, so did the forge, providing Cauldin's Point with an influx of jobs and commerce until the discovery of Grungs nearby fueled a rampant production of Grungine.

During this time of decline for Cauldin's Point, Hanlar caught Sophia, now a young adult, and a young employee of Aldarion Unlimited named Malachi Medeid in flagrante delicto. Enraged, Hanlar threatened to disown Sophia and banished from the family and have Malachi fired from AU. While this threat worked for a little while, once Malachi had earned enough gold to secure them a place to live, Sophia left her father behind without saying goodbye. The two would never speak again.

The forge, however, never ceased producing quality wares at the highest possible capacity. Yet, Hanlar fell into a spiral of destruction and causing drunken trouble in town at night, eventually getting himself banished from Jonah's Denn after picking a fight with a local magic user.


In 3078, at the age of only 66, Hanlar was found dead in his forge. Medical investigations concluded that his death was a result of acute alcohol poisoning. His body was interred in his family's tomb in the cemetary south of Cauldin's Point.

Ironstone Timeline

  • 2902: ★ Birth of Hanlar I
  • 2934: ◇ Forge Founded by Hanlar I, at age 32
  • 2959: ◇ Hanlar I finally found a bride and married at age 57
  • 2960: ★ Birth of Hanlar II, Hanlar I age 58
  • 2989: ★ Birth of Hanlar III, Hanlar II age 29
  • 2999: ✝ Death of Hanlar I, age 97 (old age)
  • 3012: ★ Birth of Hanlar IV, Hanlar III age 23
  • 3044: ✝ Death of Hanlar III, age 55 (trampled by horse)
  • 3034: ✝ Death of Hanlar II, age 74 (forge equipment failure)
  • 3037: ★ Birth of Sophia Ironstone, Hanlar IV age 25
  • 3049: ✝ Suicide of Ingrid Ironstone
  • 3058: ◇ Sophia leaves with Malachi
  • 3061: ★ Birth of Tiran Medeid
  • 3078: ✝ Death of Hanlar IV, age 66 (see "Death" above)
  • 3079: ◇ The forge falls out of Ironstone control.
DM Only: Death

See: 🔐 The Hanlar and Phidippus Incident

The magic user that Hanlar picked a fight with was none other than 🔐 Phidippus, who for the first time in a long time tried to socialize in town at Jonah's Denn. After being humiliated by Hanlar, he set out on a personal path of vengeance, and killed Hanlar one night at his forge. Though Hanlar was drunk, Phidippus cast a spell that engorged his vital organs until they could no longer function.