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The Sentinels of Silubria


This page is a high-level overview specifically for players.


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This adventure begins in 2867, 212 years before the beginning of Dauriel's Mansion, designed with a party of 4-5 third-level players in mind.

It consists of short adventures that contribute to a single overarching storyline.

Adventure Hook

While an Age-defining war rages brutally on the distant continents, Silubria, the shining pearl of the Merian Sea, stands alone. Foreign warships may come and go in the port city of Arjuna, but the island remains pure and shielded from these savage conflicts.

However, the country is not without its unique problems. To deal with these issues and protect his subjects, King Gajarta the 53rd has called on brave - and discreet - foreigners to answer his call.

You are part of a group of individuals who have answered. Though you will not find glory among the Silubrians, there will be plenty of gold and a rare chance to explore the enigmatic country.

What Your Character Should Know

This campaign takes place in 2867 during the Third Age, the Age of War.

Iron Bangle

The iron bangle placed around your wrist.

The exact details of your service to King Gajarta aren't known yet. You have answered his call solely on receiving an upfront payment and the promise of further monetary rewards. You wear an immovable magical iron bangle around your wrist in return for this payment.

You will start as a newly arrived group in the port city of Arjuna and eventually make your way to Sarapum, the country's capital city.

Silubria is an insular island far removed from continental civilization. While foreigners are welcome in the port city, further travel in the country is not allowed without permission. Your papers will be checked.

Blue Shield

The Blue Shield pin used to identify magic-users.

It is illegal to perform public magic acts without obtaining a Blue Shield. This item is a shield-shaped blue metal pin that the magic user must wear on their clothing. Only then are they allowed to perform magic and only in dire situations.

Meta: Creating a Group

Your character and the characters of your fellow players must be part of a collective group. You and your fellow players will decide on a name for this group during Session Zero. NPCs will address your group with this name, and contracts will be bound to this name; think of it as a company.

It will be easier for role-playing purposes if the characters in the group have at least some assumed familiarity.

Meta: Creating a Character

Characters will begin this adventure at Level 3.

As part of your agreement to travel to Silubria, you may add 50 gp to your character's inventory or spend it on equipment.