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Session 22

Date: Tuesday, August 17, 2022 @ 9:00 PM CT

Audio: MP3 (2h 41m, 147 MB)

After a long battle, the one-eyed dragon and its Wyrmlings were slain. Their bodies began to fizzle as they lay on the ground and soon disintegrated in an eruption of sulphuric blue fire and ashes, leaving only the dragon's single eye behind. This rubbery eye, Pasha found out, allowed the holder to detect magic by peering through it.

After the dragon died, the sun began to blink in and out of existence, until eventually, it blinked out altogether; perpetual day turned to night for the first time in over a year and it was starting to get cold.

You set back out onto the road and traveled East where after several more hours, you set up a camp in the wilderness. Pasha decided to take the first watch while the rest of you rested. During this time, Bhreia appeared to him, urging him to seek out the oracle on the summit of the mountain. He just had to leave his possessions behind and follow the path that formed at his feet.

Pasha agreed and entered the nearby woods while Bhreia promised to watch over the sleeping party. The first leg of his journey took him through a dark forest filled with familiar people. Here he met his old boss Thomas Wake, his new boss Dauriel Aldarion, and his companion Tiran. Each of these wanted his help or for him to stray from his path, but Pasha refused and carried on deeper into the woods.

After what felt like a full day of travel, the woods opened up to a barren mountain slope covered in rocks and devoid of flora. Far above, the oracle's temple was finally visible. Far on the horizon, a pale and shimmering light began to rise above the water. It should be the sun, but the light was too weak, too sickly to be the sun you've always known. From this slope and in this anemic light, an impossible view of the Eastern lands unfolded before him. He could see the entire country of Korbantir, followed by the sea, Marram, as well as his home island.

Climbing higher, he came upon a young half-elf girl named Kassie, who was resting on a boulder. She said that she had made her way up the mountain and was also headed to the temple. And that's where we left off.