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🔐 Slay, Inc. Plan: Session 2


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

Lyle Intro

A small vessel pulls into the harbor at the Arjuna seaport. Its white main sails are torn and one of its masts broken in two. Yet, Captain Sywex Elkin, a spry young half-elf easily docks the damaged ship.

Lyle, there's nothing on your mind but last night's storm. The the same one that took the life of your good friend and colleague, Braggish. You turned around for only a moment and he was gone. Chewed up whole by the blackest waves you've ever laid eyes on. No matter how much you yelled out, the sea did not return Braggish to you.

You're bumped out of your day dream by the bumping of the ship against the wooden dock.

"Looks like something went down here," Sywex says and points to the carcass of a Bulette lying on the docks, covered in blood. In beyond it, near a set of metal fences, you see the familiar outlines of your colleagues. They watch you and wave you over as you walk down the gangplank onto the dock.

Lyle, can you describe what they see?

At the Palace

The coach arrives. It's white and inlaid with silver flowers and takes them directly to the palace.

  • They see on their journey from the window
    • Several temples of Urlac

When they get out.


White stone holds up the massive palace at the heart of this city. Its spires curve upwards and terminate in gleaming silver tips. The palace guards open the massive oak doors and guide you inside.

Here, they go through the main entrance.


The floors and walls are marble inlaid with streaks of silver and before you, the throne room becomes visible. On his throne, surrounded by his two wives sits Gajarta of Sarapum, 53rd of his name. Before you can take in much more of the scene, the guard takes a left turn and brings you into a small chamber.

He points towards a row of chairs. "Please take a seat."

The guard leaves.

Yil Romka

They are taken into a small room where a Human male in a red robe sits behind a desk, looking at paperwork.

His name is "Yil Romka" and is the king's advisor. Leaning against the desk is his staff with a sphere containing an eye that follows you around on top.


Welcome, welcome, Ahtel. Before you ask, that means champion in Silubrian. I hope your journey was easy enough?

They are called "Ahtel" (from:, which means champion in Silubrian.

He takes some of their info and questions and takes them to their locker room.

Tells them:

  • When you're needed to fight for the realm, a portal will appear
  • We will know when you're done and a portal will appear to return you here
  • It's important to finish the fight or the portal will not appear
  • For now, you will be restricted to your locker room
  • Will be allowed entry into the city after you've proven yourself in combat
  • "Thank you for defending Silubria, Ahtel!"

The Locker Room

Names of the other "teams", mentioned on plaques on their doors:

  • Heroes of Daggerdoune
  • The Pain Company
  • Fist of Redemption
  • Urlac's Chosen
  • Bloodless Assassins
  • Freemen of Freeport
  • The Bears of Basha
  • Empire's Exiles
  • The Chosen Company
  • The Curse of Yersh
  • Bunch of Goblins
  • Slay, Inc.

Room Inventory:

  • 10 beds (5 bunks), but comfy
  • A large hot tub
  • A sauna
  • A cooling area
  • Work-out equipment
  • Practice equipment
  • An empty blackboard


A portal appears in the locker room and will remain until they enter.

The First Game

Transported to a pitch-black cave. Water drips all around and the air is stale, slightly fungal.

Area 1

Bend with skeletons.

In the bend, two skeletons appear from the pile of bones when they come within a range.


  • DC 10 Perception
    • An eye rune on the column
  • DC 15 Perception
    • 2 bangles, like the ones they're wearing
    • 1 Potion of Healing
  • DC 18 Perception
    • A pouch containing 5 gp, 4 sp

Area 2

Skeletal Minotaur room.

Once in the first large cavern, the skeletons and minotaur skeleton will appear when they approach the bone pile.


  • DC 10 Perception
    • An eye rune on the far wall
  • DC 15 Perception
    • 3 bangles
    • An old portait of a minotaur family
  • DC 18 Perception
    • The entrance to the hidden area

Area 3

Bone pass.

The skeleton there will appear as they pass through.


  • DC 10 Perception
    • An eye rune on the wall behind the skeleton.
  • DC 15 Perception
    • 1 bangle
    • 1 goggles of night
    • 1 Potion of Healing

Area 4

Shadow Demon Lair.

The goblins are scared of the shadow demon and quietly hiding. They will run when attacked, but if loud enough, the demon will follow. They will fight the demon rather than the group, but if the demon dies, they will attack the group.

There are two dead goblins in this room.


  • DC 10 Perception
    • Several eye runs on various walls.
  • DC 15 Perception
    • 4 bangles on the goblins
    • A wedge of cheese
    • 3 potions of healing

Area 5

Throne room.

The throne looks ancient, and while the fabric has rotted off, they can tell that this was once a grand room.


  • DC 10 Perception
    • Several eye runes on various walls.
  • DC 15 Perception
    • 4 bangles on the goblins
    • A wedge of cheese
    • A crudely drawn map of this place (also showing Area 6)
    • 3 potions of healing
    • 12 sp, 35 cp
  • DC 18 Perception
    • Hidden Entrance to Area 6

The exit portal will appear once they kill all of the goblins.

Area 6

Hidden treasure.


  • In the chest:
    • 200 gp
    • +1 Golden Dagger
    • A portable hole
  • DC 10 Perception:
    • An eye rune looking over the chest

Area 7

Hidden room.

The long dead corpse of a female Orc lays against the stone wall. Her wrists have been slit open. Old dark blood still stains the rocky floor. She wears an iron bangle, like them.

On the walls, in Common:

  • "They Watch" with a drawing of an eye, crossed out
  • "Death for War for Peace"

On the ground, in his own blood:

  • "Kill" on the left of her
  • "Escape" on right right of her

A pile of rats, seemingly eaten raw, lays dessecated in the corner.


  • DC 12 Perception (a lump in his bedroll)
    • A contract, much like theirs, but very old and yellowed
    • 2 potions of healing
    • A pouch with 50 gp
    • A violet garnet (500 gp)