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Session 27

Date: October

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While fighting Arya, Ix became lost in the pool, disappearing below its surface. Arya fought back and petrified Tiran, Gadot, and Wolf. And while petrified, Tiran took blow after blow from Arya, chunking away at his stony form. However, Sebastian was able to eventually strike the killing blow while looking away to prevent getting petrified himself.

He searched the girl's body and found a silver dagger and two gold wedding bands in her pocket. Tiran searched the cave and found a pile of decomposing and disarticulated corpses. The glowing pond in the cave slowly went dark and the dragon eggs began to sink. Before they could sink entirely, Tiran took one of the eggs. It strongly resembled Bhreia's egg but was green instead of blue. Gadot found a pouch under a rock containing a hollow stone filled with a liquid that smelled like weapons oil.

On the way to Midway, Clank informed Tiran that he only had 15 miles left and needed power. When you arrived in town, Garacan and his wife were happy to hear about your victory and offered free lodging and drinks for life. Garacan also offered to dispose of the girl's corpse and put it out back. After asking about Ix, Pasiphae, Garacan's wife, handed you the keys to his room where you found his backpack. Besides some rations, Sah-Sauj found a rolled-up note containing an address to some kind of compartment in Korban's Landing. While inspecting the backpack a bit closer, Tiran also found a strange retractible spear, which he gave to Gadot.

Sah-Sauj went outside and inspected the girl's corpse. She looked to have been magically altered in some way. Gadot mentioned that it reminded him of Moreus, Dauriel's husband, and how he was altered before he transformed.

Inside, Tiran was able to identify the oil that Gadot found as a weapons oil used by Stone Giants Ages ago. Sah-Sauj lamented that they should have tried talking to the girl before attacking her. Tiran said that his only regret was not stabbing her a second time. However, he also discussed with the group that ever since he came to Cauldin's Point, he's been feeling aggressive. Gadot confirmed that his recent bloodlust wasn't his normal behavior.

That night when you went to bed in the inn, Clank tried to recharge off the little bit of moonlight that trickled in through the window. Tiran woke up when he heard Clank speak about establishing a connection to some kind of system.

And that's where we left off.