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Session 34

Date: December 13, 2023

  • Pasha, Sebastian, and Gadot kicked off the ship
  • Pasha noticed that Callum's hand was clenched tightly
  • They met up with Sah-Sauj in the crowd on the dock
  • They plan to go find Chickadee, perhaps at Gigglemug's
  • Wolf and Tiran escaped
  • Tiran turned Wolf invisible and disguised himself as a city guard
  • While invisible, Wolf joins the group, remaining invisible
  • Tiran, in disguise, joins the guards who are inspecting Callum's corpse
  • Able to fool the detective present, he found a water-damaged note in his hand
  • Meet me at the something-something
  • The detective thanked him for finding the evidence and told him to take the corpse away
  • Tiran carries the corpse with the detective and places it in a wagon
  • The rider tells him to help take it to the morgue
  • The rest of you follow the wagon at a distance
  • The wagon rider takes Tiran to the Aldarion Unlimited compound
  • They take the body down into a subterranean morgue
  • The driver thanked Tiran and left to go fetch the next body
  • Tiran went back down into the morgue, still disguised
  • In Callum's pocket, Tiran found a flask containing a slightly glowing yellow liquid
  • While waiting for Tiran, the rest of you observed the Temple of Dhoutr
  • Black-robed priests came and went, some disappearing in portals before entering the temple proper
  • The portals linger for a few seconds before disappearing
  • The black-robed priests are very similar to the one you fought at Korban's monument
  • Tiran and Wolf got a room at a nearby motel and stayed there, out of sight from anyone who might recognize them during the day
  • Sah-Sauj, Pasha, Gadot, and Sebastian went to Gigglemug's to find Chickadee
  • They got a table, ordered some wine, and by bribing the hostess, found out that Chickadee was staying there
  • While Sah-Sauj distracted the bored Half-Elf at the front desk, Gadot sneaked past and up the stairs where he found Chickadee in her room
  • Gadot told Chickadee that they found Callum dead. She began to cry as he explained the circumstances of his death. Shocked to hear about the hole right through his chest.
  • Downstairs, in the restaurant part of the inn, the detective from the dock arrived, trailed by two guards. He walks up to the manager, who points toward the staircase.
  • Pasha turned to Sebastian and said, "Hit me."
  • They brawled in an attempt to distract the guards, who came over to the ruckus
  • The detective and the manager, however, resumed up the staircase.
  • Sah-Sauj, Pasha, and Sebastian ran out of the restaurant.
  • Godot, hearing the commotion downstairs and footsteps coming towards the room warns Chickadee that something might be up.
  • There's a knock on the door, followed by "Miss Chickadee, please open up."

And that's where we left off.