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Dauriel's Mansion


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

Dauriel's Mansion Banner

The banner used in Roll20 for the Dauriel's Mansion chapter, showing Dauriel's Mansion itself. Original, unmodified image.

The adventure is set in Cauldin's Point, a town in the country of Korbantir.




  • 🔥 = very important
  • ⚠️ = important

Still TODO:


  • Date of the invitation and calendar system for Bhreia
  • Details for Melora
  • Are maps needed for the town? - created a map
  • Details for the Mike Truk cave encounter - see 🔐 The Cave.
  • Details for Primani - done
  • Details for Dhoutr - done
  • Details for 🔐 Cauldin's Tomb - done
  • Set a password for the door in 🔐 Tomb Raiders - done
  • Who is the descendent of Cauldin still alive in town and part of the cult of Amalchi? - it's Rhea Feldspar
  • ⚠️ Need a portrait for Rhea Feldspar - done
  • ⚠️ Details and portrait for Trashbeak - done
  • ⚠️ Lists of names for random people and places - started
  • 🔥 Finish outline - outline is going as far as it will. now moving details into acts
  • 🔥 What does the demon figurine in Jonah's Denn have to do with Amalchi? - it contains the spirit of his creation, Dhoutr
  • Are maps needed for the mansion? - yes, sketching out floorplans
  • 🔥 Entry blurb a la this - see Adventure Hooks
  • Details for 🔐 AU's Original HQ - done
  • 🔥 Details for 🔐 The Mansion - done
  • 🔥 Is Dauriel a Lich? - no. he's just a love fool
  • 🔥 Names and details of Dauriel's original party - done