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Dauriel Aldarion

Dauriel Aldarion

Dauriel Aldarion
Portrait of Dauriel Aldarion.

Though Dauriel Aldarion was quite the accomplished adventurer in his heyday, he has long since retired to his mansion in Cauldin’s Point. Living a blissful life, he spends most of his time tending his flower garden with his husband Moreus.


Summarized from the book "Aldarion Unlimited: Adventurers or Colonizers?," published by Agadou Press, 3072.

Born into the lower rungs of Elven society and doomed by birth class to a life of hard labor, Dauriel quickly realized he needed to venture out into the wider world if he was to make anything of himself. At the spry young age of fifty-seven, he left his birth country behind and ventured into the chaotic world of humans. At first, these crude people seemed to him to be not much more than parasites, living their short lives in pursuit of material gains and fleeting fame. But over the many years, Dauriel learned to love them and appreciate their attempts, however desperate, to leave a mark upon history.

Though, it was difficult for him to find his place in a mostly human society, which forced him to take odd jobs; those jobs that humans deemed unskilled or too dangerous. By eradicating a pack of goblins here, finding lost objects there, and ridding a town of wolves yonder, Dauriel was able to establish a name for himself as an adventurer and soon found himself the head of a highly paid work-for-hire adventurer’s company.

This company, Aldarion Unlimited, still exists and Dauriel acts as an advisor and board member while other, younger, adventurers perform the hard work.

  • Dauriel is a descendant of Korban, this is why he was chosen by Bhreia. He has no idea.
  • He wrote "Aldarion Unlimited: Adventurers or Colonizers?" as a way to voice his dissatisfaction with how his company is run. In his advisory role, he has lost his power to do anything about it.