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Session 16: The Diversion

Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2022 @ 9:00 PM CT

Audio: MP3 (2h29m)

  • Skip recap: 1m49s
  • Combat begins: 28m20s
  • Combat ends: 1h54m18s


While discussing your next course of action on the road in the camp, the dirty-looking tall man who had just spoken with Burron Piquette mounted a horse and headed East. Wolf quickly cast a tracking spell and began following him down the road leisurely. However, Sah-Sauj grabbed their sling, aimed, and flung a rock into the back of the man's head. He looked over, saw you, and took off in a gallop, continuing East.

Wolf continued tracking the man while the rest of you retrieved the horse and wagon. You picked up Wolf and followed the man until he dismounted and tied his horse to a bush.

He whistled when you approached, and a few of his goons appeared from the bushes. They attacked, and a battle ensued. More goons appeared and eventually were taken care of. After a long battle, the dirty-looking man was incapacitated, and one of the goons survived.

The goon was reluctant to tell you anything, but a bit of intimidation convinced him to spill the beans. Wolf recognized the surviving guy as one of the Aldarion Unlimited guards who had followed them on the road to camp in the morning. He asked why Aldarion Unlimited guards would be following them, and he informed you that you had it all backward.

No, the dirty man, named Jim, was a diversion by those here at the camp while something else was happening at the Ironstone Forge. He asked you for a deal since he didn't want to be around when his boss woke up. He told you about their camp not far from here, and Pasha and Tiran found a trail leading off into the woods. But, before he could tell you more, he insulted Sah-Sauj by calling them an "idiot," and Sah-Sauj continued to knock him out cold.

We left off with you deciding what to do. Split up with one group going to the Forge and one to the camp? Everyone to the Forge and forget about the camp? Everyone to the camp and forget about the Forge? Something else entirely? Actions have consequences. What do you do?